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Sep. 19th, 2008

i'm embarassed for my school. i'm also a little miffed that i can't go haha . .....stupid work.
hahahaha i love everybody who has sent me this:

i laugh to hide the pain
OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. I have no cable and no internet and I have spent the last couple days miserable knowing that track and field is all over TV and I can't watch any of it. So I finally get online today (have to go to campus to do so) and I discover that the US has been BLOWING and to make it worse I haven't got to watch any of it. The track events are my favorite and I'm missing it all!!



most people are gonna forget about this dude in the excitement of nastia liukin and phelps, but whatever he's the real star of tonight. =) also, how about rebecca soni?? good night [morning?] team USA.

just because:


starting tomorrow i will be without internet for a week. and the only reason this is going to kill me is because HOW WILL I ACCESS MY ONLINE OLYMPICS COVERAGE?? i am so upset that it has to happen during the track and field week. arrrggghhhgghfgkjfghdkfj

big big big swimming tonight, this is my favorite night! and i remain steadfast in my gymnastics boycott. especially now that it's been exposed that the chinese are cheating by using underage girls and the IOC isn't going to do anything about it. obviously younger kids have an advantage, hello? THEY ARE SMALLER!

aahhh i have a problem. my landlord is going to want rent from me tomorrow, but i don't have the money for rent because for some reason the school hasn't given me my loan money yet. i don't want to borrow money from my parents. i NEVER ask my parents for money. i just can't.

sup 1984


BEIJING — Standing guard in a Beijing alley decorated with dozens of red Chinese flags, Lu Ruzi, 80, proudly patrols his neighborhood to "help bring glory to our motherland."

The great-grandfather is among a half-million Chinese mobilized for the Olympics who include police, commandos, SWAT units — and retirees such as Lu, who acknowledge they are not-so-covert volunteer spies for the communist government, assigned to report suspicious people or protesters.

i am very interested to see how the next two weeks progress. china cannot keep all their shit on lockdown, try as though they may.

Aug. 4th, 2008

I'm pretty sure this is the most badass thing EVER. Just what I need, something else to follow obsessively. But I love the crazy shit people do.

I passed my lab final with like a 57% or something but IDC because it's over!

you guys I am just so unbelievably excited for the coming weeks and beyond. I have the Olympics starting on Saturday and that will take me through to the start of FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! I'm so happy I could cry into my chem text. It would be nice for that book to be soaked with tears of happiness for a change.

I sort of "moved in" to my new apartment. by moving in I mean I dumped most of the contents of my dorm into the living room. I think the 16th is when I'm actually going to start living there. I need like a bed and stuff. ha.

I just got an email from the school saying that hot water was going to be turned off in my building for a few hours on Thursday. I was not aware we ever had hot water in the first place.

I need a new icon. I am tired of Lohan now that everybody likes her all of a sudden. ehhhh inertia. it will stay.

I haven't ran since Friday guys. :( I'm bad I know. I feel shitty about it don't worry. how will I get through the next three days OMG OMG
which i am now declaring a word, btw.

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."


you WILL read this and you will LOVE IT

yes, this is another entry about the olympics. no, i am not going to talk about anything else for the next two months. (ONE MONTH!!!) consider yourselves lucky.

this is very interesting and it's something i've been wondering about for a while. obviously, the human body has limitations. nobody is ever going to run a mile in two minutes. some events might have already reached the threshold. so what happens to individual sports (on the elite level) then? they're going to be significantly less interesting. with the olympics in particular, the US absolutely dominates the two main sports (track and swimming), so it's mostly a matter of seeing people break records. i don't know how interesting it will be once people start reaching that limitation point. i mean obviously there will be small increases because of new techniques or technology - i know with swimming everybody's talking about these brand new speedos that are shaving up to a second off of people's times - but still. i'm not saying these sports will go away, because 99.99999% of people that will ever live will never come close to reaching that cutoff point, but people WILL reach that point. of course breaking records is going to get even more exciting when it starts happening less often. so i don't know. individual sports will always exist on the "normal people" level, but for the elite, i'm not sure how much i care about watching a race that's decided by a billionth of a second. that first article predicts that 2027 is when we'll start seeing a significant decline in record breaking. isn't it weird that we live during a time where humans are doing this, reaching the limit? most people that will ever have lived won't get to experience that. weiirrrrdd.
(EDIT - apparently they were already talking about this 100 years ago. hah. IF THEY ONLY KNEW.)

ANYWAY here are the people that i am so super excited about:
- brian clay (I LOOOOVE HIM. and the decathlon IS the olympics. everything else is filler programming. ITS JUST A FACT. and he will get gold this time <3)
- tyson gay (though i am still depressed about the 200m please don't bring it up)
- shannon rowbury (HOLY SHIT)
- bernard laget (also HOLY SHIT)
- actually the whole 1500m crowd in general - that race is dear to me
- dara torres (who isn't?)
- lola jones (i think i heard she's from LSU but i won't hold that against her. i have so much respect for hurdlers. i could never in a million a years.)
- marshavet hooker (tripping & falling into third place FTMFW)
- the softball team (not that i am remotely interested in softball as a sport but 1) it is the last time it will be in the olympics (the US dominates too much? nobody else in the world cares?) 2) ...the US dominates and 3) you might recall that the only people that have ever beaten them is OH YEAH VIRGINIA TECH THATS RIGHT BITCHES
- michael phelps (again, who isn't? though i kiiiinda don't want to see him break mark spitz's record and get 8 golds because i want to see lochte win something. that's NOT backstroke.)
- ryan lochte (the only guy who has a chance of competing with phelps)
- aaron piersol (i just have a crush on him. also we are both from ~the OC~)
- the gymnastics team (i don't know who they are or anything about them but i love gymnastics)

aaaanad that's it. as you can see, track is the most important sport, followed closely by swimming purely beacuse of all the half naked men. but i will be watching whatever is on TV because I LOVE THE OLYMPICS I AM SO HAPPY IT "STARTS" ON MY BIRTHDAY WHICH IS ONE MONTH FROM TODAY


Jul. 1st, 2008

i cannot wait for the olympics. i am so excited. mainly for this reason:

the 2008 olympics will begin on my 20th birthday, which also happens to be the date of my ochem final (eww). BUT then i will have the olympics for TWO whole weeks and with NO school! those 2 weeks will be my only summer vacation. but oh it will be glorious. you can bet your ass i will be sitting in front of the TV that whole time, feeling like a fatass in comparison to these amazing bodies so i'll probably do a situp or two during the commercial breaks. OMG SO EXCITED


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